Like Zephyr, the western wind of spring, diagonal lines of two different tones run from West to East, making the surface vibrant and embracing


Weft and warp in wool

Weight per sqm
2,2 Kg per m²

Knotted fringe
Binding edge
Loose fringed with edge


  • col. 38 - Zefirocol. 38 - Zefiro
  • col. 56 - Zefirocol. 56 - Zefiro
  • col. 82 - Zefirocol. 82 - Zefiro
  • col.10 - Zefirocol.10 - Zefiro
zefiro tappeto nero e rosso in lana fatto a mano design davide brugiolo tessoria asolana pianca
zefiro handmade wool rug tessoria asolana for modern spaces
zefiro rug Each carpet is manufactured starting from a basic module, with variable width from 50 to 100 cm: the combination of different modules allows for the customisation of the finished products, of different shapes and dimensions