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In Tessoria Asolana each carpet is a unique and irreplaceable piece. It is the result of a manufacturing process that uses exclusively Sardinian wools and involves the best of Italian artisanship. Hands are the leit motif of our creative process. Hands that are connected to the rhythm of time and speak of work ethic, quality and materials. In all the steps of the manufacturing process Tessoria Asolana uses ancient and traditional techniques, and each phase (wool winding, warping, twisting and weaving) up to the final product, all is made by hand. Carpet designer Davide Brugiolo manufactures the carpets using original 1800’s 4-frame looms and uses only wool sourced in the north of Sardinia, the same used to make Pibiones, traditional Sardinian fabrics – and available in natural colours or dyed with atoxic pigments.