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At Tessoria Asolana, we want to be key players in the change taking place in our company, in both manufacturing and consumption, making processes completely sustainable. But we are also aware that beauty and comfort are essential features for our creations. This is why we are committed not only to selecting, but also finding interesting new ways of using reclaimed materials to make our rugs. These are not any old materials: we believe that they offer immense added value. The wool we use comes from Sardinian flocks reared for milk production, which have to be sheared in any case. We spin yarn from those reclaimed tufts of wool, then dye the yarn with non-toxic pigments and use it to weave our textiles.
We use strips of leather from sofa upholstery offcuts in the weave pattern of our rugs. Lastly, we even recycle the selvedges of fine fabrics produced by the historic Lanificio Paoletti woollen mill, in business since 1795.
This all goes into our rugs, created on traditional old wooden looms, without using electric power. Each piece created by our carpet designer is unique and cannot be reproduced, just like the home it goes into.