All Tessoria Asolana’s carpets are customisable in dimensions, colours, finishes and decorative inserts, without any conceptual or dimensional limitations. Each carpet is manufactured starting from a basic module, with variable width from 50 to 100 cm: the combination of different modules allows for the customisation of the finished products, of different shapes and dimensions. The carpets can be completed with three different kinds of edging: binding-edge, loose-fringed edge and knotted-fringed edge.

Tessoria Asolana
Tessoria Asolana
Tessoria Asolana

Module: W from 50 to 100 cm

The finish is not included in the rug measurements.

01. Binding edge 6 cm. The binding edge can be combined with a loose or knotted fringe.

02. Loose fringed with edge 16 cm. The edge can be customized in one of the colours in the rug.

03. Knotted fringe 16 cm.