Two colours light up the surface and lines run parallel without ever touching. It is the same fate of Orpheus and Eurydice, the two famous lovers of Greek mythology whose destinies were never meant to meet


Weft and warp in wool

Weight per mq
2,2 Kg per m²

Knotted fringe
Binding edge
Loose fringed with edge


  • col. 12 - Orfeocol. 12 - Orfeo
  • col. 20 - Orfeocol. 20 - Orfeo
  • col. 31 - Orfeocol. 31 - Orfeo
  • col. 44 - Orfeocol. 44 - Orfeo
custom wool rug designed by davide brugiolo made in italy tessoria asolana
tappeto in lana a righe azzurro e bordeaux design davide brugiolo per tessoria asolana pianca
tappeto realizzato su antichi telai del 1800 tessoria asolana